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We have been looking for the drug Opdivo for a long time. It is very expensive and you need to observe the temperature regime for everything. We were told by friends who were treated in Israel to order from this pharmacy. The medicine was sent by personal messenger, in a refrigerator. Everything is so fast, just well done!!!!


Ordered Retevmo 80mg at the pharmacy, although in Israel this medicine is sold by special order. permission, well done pharmacy and quickly decided everything for which HUGE thanks !!!!


We have been looking for a long time how to order Oxaliplatin 20 mg from Israel, the choice is large, but friends recommended this pharmacy and were not mistaken. They didn’t take money in advance, first they checked the availability, delivery times, and only then accepted the order. The medicine came on time. They also recommended buying Akinzeo, this is from nausea, for which many thanks, the treatment is not as difficult as it could be.


Thank you for finding and quickly delivering Gemcitabine, which is in short supply. Everything is fast and professional.


The child has epilepsy and the doctors recommended Sabrilan, but he is not in our country. Thanks to Israel for finding and quickly delivering!


We ordered Keytruda. The price in Israel is cheaper than in America, although the medicine is American-made!!!! They also made a discount and sent a courier for us for free. Everything came in the fridge, well done.


Ordered Tevoderm, paid by bank transfer. My order was quickly processed and sent to Italy. Thank you for professionalism.

Eric F.

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