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Dear user! Thank you for choosing the Ta Pharm website owned by Tel Aviv Medical Clinic R.N., #516869203

1. Definitions:

1.1 “User” means any person aged 18 or over and/or a corporation and/or person who uses the website in any way through a computer, mobile phone or any other device.

1.2 “Website Administration” Tel Aviv Medical Clinic R.N. and / or its representative, including subsidiaries and / or parent companies (hereinafter: “company”).

2. General provisions:

2.1 The Company provides logistics services, including the purchase of medicinal products in Israeli pharmacies for users and shipment implementation to users. The services of this site are intended exclusively for persons residing outside the borders of Israel.

2.2 It should be clarified that the company itself has nothing to do with manufacturers of goods and / or importers of goods to Israel and / or pharmacies, and does not work under their auspices.

2.3 You should not rely on the information published on this site for medical purposes, or for any other practical purposes, without prior consultation with a specialist and self-verification of information. The application responsibility of information lies solely on the user, and he has no right to make claims or file claims on this topic.

2.4 Application or access to the website, or services employment offered by it, expresses and constitutes the consent of the user with the provisions of this regulation, and relates to any action of the user on the site. In case of disagreement with all or part of application terms, users must refrain from using the website.

2.5 In the event of any inconsistency between the regulation and any other publication of any kind, the provisions of this regulation which bind user shall prevail, unless otherwise agreed.

2.6 Everything written in this regulation in the masculine gender also applies to the feminine gender, and vice versa; everything said in the singular refers to a group of persons, and vice versa.

2.7 No provision of this regulation may conflict with another. The headings in this regulation are used for convenience only.

2.8 The Company reserves the right to update and/or delete the rules from this regulation from time to time, at its sole discretion, and new regulations will be binding on users from the moment they are published on the site. Notice of the above change will be posted on the site 30 days in advance, so you should review this policy periodically.

2.9 The Company reserves the right to interfere with the provision of users (by any means available to it) of some or all of the services, for a limited or unlimited period of time, at its sole discretion and for any reason, without any explanation or justification.

2.10 If you are under 18, you are not entitled to use the services of the company.

3. Purchase of medical goods

3.1 By ordering a product, the user authorizes Tel Aviv Medical Clinic to purchase the ordered drugs for him, and also undertakes, among other medical documents, to submit, if necessary, a prescription for these drugs drawn up by a licensed doctor in the patient’s country of residence.

3.2 The goods ordered by the user will be purchased for him in licensed pharmacies in the State of Israel, subject to the provision of medical documents sufficient, in the opinion of the company, to order the goods, as well as a photograph of the passport. The company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to provide the service if the medical documents provided by the user do not satisfy it.

3.3 Goods purchased for the user will be transferred to him by the company, the means chosen by the user. In the event that the user decides to receive ordered goods through the EMS company, the company will not be responsible for goods delivery after they have been handed over to the postal company. At the same time, we arrange paid insurance at the request of the user.

3.4 Ordering medical products through the site, the user declares that he is authorized, in accordance with the laws of his state, to purchase goods and import them into his country. The Company does not take any responsibility in the event that it turns out that it is not possible to deliver the goods to the user, for legal or other reasons.

4. Communication with the site administration

Inquiries, comments and questions may be directed to the email address listed on the website and/or telephone +972 7337 46845 and/or TA PHARM, Waizman st. 14, Tel-Aviv.

5. Commercial use of the site

5.1 User has the right to apply the site in any way that meets the rules of this regulation and laws, provided that the site is used for his own personal purposes. The Internet site and its contents are not intended for commercial use, or any other non-personal use of the services. It is forbidden to rewrite, disclose or use the content of the site for any purpose, commercial or other non-personal. It is also prohibited to rewrite, disclose or use the content of the site on other Internet sites, in any electronic mailing list, in computer programs or applications, on mobile phones, on radio, television, in print or in any other media.

5.2 It is prohibited to launch or approve the launch of any computer or other applications, such as Crawler Robots and similar, that copy part or all of the information and content of the website. It is also forbidden to create or use the above-described means to order goods, or to create a database with the content of the site. This prohibition does not apply to the actions of general search engines that lead directly to the website.

5.3 It is strictly forbidden to publish the content of the site in any form – whether through a program, device, accessory device or communication protocol – including those that change the form or function of the content or omit any information, including (but not limited to) advertising, panels navigation, photography, etc. It is forbidden to publish the content of the site in a frame, explicit or hidden.

6. Registration on the site, username and password

6.1 The services of this site require registration, which will require the user to provide personal information about himself, including age and method of contact, and within which he will be subject to other rules not specified in the regulation. User declares that data transfer to the site will be carried out with his consent and on his initiative. Registration on the site will not be completed if the required data is not provided. The data that will be filled in during registration will be stored in the database. The database is stored and maintained in the United States by a third party and is subject to the laws of Israel.

6.2 If it turns out that the data provided is incorrect, the company, at its sole discretion, has the right to close the user’s access to the site or prohibit him from using the site or the services provided by it.

6.3 Correct contact details and updating them in case of any change will allow the company to keep in touch with users – among other things, for the purpose of notifying about the company’s innovations, password recovery and / or inquiries for the delivery of the ordered goods.

6.4 Username and password – during registration on the site, the user will be asked to choose a username and password that he will use performing any action on the site. The password must be kept secret. Users may be held liable for any damage that will be caused as a result of a breach of confidentiality.

6.5 After registering on the site, you should select the appropriate settings, for example, e-mail notifications that will be sent by the company, etc. If the user does not select appropriate settings, the default site settings will be set.

6.6 User undertakes to compensate and indemnify the company and / or its representative for any damage, loss, loss or expense of any kind (including legal costs) that has been or will be caused to the company associated (directly or indirectly) with any action or use of the site, violating the rules of regulation or any other rules of use that apply to the site, or for violating the law or causing damage to a third party. Compensation will be made at the first request of the company, in addition to any right of the company in accordance with the law.

7. Limitation of liability of the company and/or its representative

7.1 Site application, including all its services, is provided as is (AS IS) and is the sole responsibility of the user.

7.2 By using the site, the user waives any claims, lawsuits and demands against the company and / or its suppliers and / or its representatives. In particular, user irrevocably and unconditionally releases the company and/or its suppliers and/or its representatives from any liability for any damage (direct or indirect), loss, loss and/or expense of any kind that will be caused to the company and/or third part and associated part, whether directly or indirectly, with the services of the site and / or resulting from the use of the site.

7.3 User releases the company and/or any of its suppliers and/or representatives from liability for any refund for any of the above described damages, including damages resulting from the delay in the provision of services or the inability to use the site and/or the services provided by it and/or for any other damage caused as a result of using the site.

8. No liability of the company for the use of the site

8.1 Liability absence of the company and/or any of its representatives will apply both if the company exercised and/or could exercise control, and in the event that the company received notice of the possibility of any damage that may be caused to user or any third part, in everything related to the site, site application, inability to use the site, cancellation of services, their limitation or termination.

8.2 Liability absence of the company and / or its representatives will also apply if the company has tried, as a gesture of goodwill and as an exception, to help solve a problem or respond to a user request. Such assistance should in no way be interpreted as imposing liability on the company and/or its representative.

8.3 The Company is not responsible for links to other Internet sites, or to Internet sites hosted on the website domain. The Company does not represent in any way that all links provided on the Internet site will be working and will lead to a working Internet site. The mere presence of a specific link on an Internet site does not mean that the content of the linked site and / or the hosted site itself does not violate any rules and / or obligations, is reliable, complete or up-to-date, and the company will not incur any responsibility.

8.4 The Company is not responsible either for the content, data or visual elements linked from the site, or for the result of their use. The mere fact of placing a link to other sites on the site of the company does not constitute an endorsement, encouragement, consent or sponsorship of company content or services offered by the above designated sites.

8.5 The Company also does not own, control and in any form is not responsible for the practices and privacy practices of a third party, including other Internet sites that are linked on the site, sites hosted on the domain of this Internet site, or any other content posted on the site by a third party. The Company encourages users to check the site’s terms of use and privacy policy before using them and before providing their personal data to such sites.

8.6 The Company and / or its representative is not responsible for the information published on the Internet site (among other things, all content, advertising, services, products, links to other sites, opinions and recommendations), and application and reliance on them is solely the responsibility of the user. The company and / or its representative is not responsible for the information accuracy or for any damage – direct or indirect – that may be caused to the user or his property as a result of application or trust in information and content posted on the site or on its applications.

8.7 Any professional information posted on the site and / or professional advice provided by specialists in various fields (or persons pretending to be specialists) is not initiative of the company (even if the company invited specialists to post their information on the site or use it), does not constitute a recommendation or qualified opinion, and does not replace requirement to consult a specialist, including before starting any treatment, as well as before starting of any medicine application. You should also review the insert and/or information in the packaging of the product before purchasing/using it. In the event of unwanted side effects, avoid using the product and consult an appropriate specialist. The Company does not and will not be responsible for the information published on this website.

8.8 Responsibility for advertising materials published on the website lies solely with the publisher, even if he has received the permission of the company to publish them. The Company is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the advertising materials of the Internet site, and their publication on the site should not be interpreted as encouraging or recommending the company to take any action, including the purchase of goods or services; the company is not responsible for these publications or for any other action or transaction resulting from publications.

8.9 The Company is not a party to the connection between user and a third party, even if this connection was created through the site, or link and / or publication on the Internet site. The Company does not bear any responsibility for damage and / or any damage caused to users as a result of such a connection.

8.10 The Company reserves the right to remove advertising, solely for its own reasons (and without incurring any responsibility for this), or for any other reason, without the need to provide any explanation or argument.

9. Limitation of Company Liability for Services

9.1 The Company is not responsible for the availability of the services of the website or for their compatibility with the needs of user and does not guarantee that the services will be provided without interruptions or errors and will be protected from unauthorized access to the computers of the company, or from damage, breakdowns, interruptions or failures of the program , operation of lines and communication systems of the company, its suppliers or representatives.

9.2 In addition, the provision of services by the company depends, among other things, on third parties, and the company is not responsible for any act or omission of third parties and will not be liable for any damage, loss, loss or expense caused to user or third party as a result of the above actions or omissions.

9.3 The Company does not guarantee protection against unauthorized access to its computers and servers and will not be liable in case of such access.

10. Privacy Protection

10.1 As part of the services provided by the site, users will be required to provide personal information, for example, his mailing address, including email address. User is not required by law to provide this information, but if he does not provide it, he will not be able to use the aforementioned services. When providing a postal address and express consent (by means of a selected and marked box), the site will receive personal data to identify users, which will be stored in the company’s database. Thus, the user agrees to receive periodic information by mail from the company about discounts, coupons, services, benefits, news and offers that may be of interest to him. Users may withdraw his consent at any time and stop receiving this information, or extract his data from the database and mailing list by contacting the company, as described above.

10.2 The Company respects the privacy of user and will not disclose or transfer, in violation of the law, lists or documents that contain the name, address and any other personal information about user, including any information about the use of the site, with the exception of data and information publicly disclosed by the by user, or data and information necessary for the company’s suppliers to provide the services ordered by him.

10.3 At the same time, by agreeing to this regulation, user gives permission to the company to disclose and / or transfer his data and any information, including personal, in accordance with the law and with the orders of the court, or any other authority, or within the framework of legal processes, or in the event of if user violates one of the rules of this regulation, or if the company, at its discretion, considers it necessary to transfer information to prevent serious damage to the body, property – to oneself or someone else, or in the event of a combination of actions of the company (all or its part) with a third party and / or the transfer of the company’s activities (all or part of it) to a third party, and / or an authority that the company will grant the rights due to it in accordance with this regulation (all or part thereof) and / or a third party providing to her services related to the site and / or any services contained on it.

10.4 The Company has the right to use any information, including personal information, provided by the user in any way, including registration for the services of the site, and through information collected in the past and / or information that will be collected during browsing the site. “Personal information” includes any personally identifiable information, including name, telephone number, address, email address and any other personally identifiable information.

10.5 User agrees that the company and / or its representative use the information provided to it, including personal information, including in order to provide the user with the information, services and data requested by him. In addition, the collected information will serve to control, verify, develop and maintain the quality of services, their level and fidelity, as well as to comply with regulations, as well as for the needs of the company, including services and surveys, segmented advertising, statistical analysis and improvement of services and website design. .

10.6 The Company may from time to time send to User by e-mail (at the e-mail address provided by User) informational brochures, information about innovations, invitations to events, links, messages, advertisements and/or any other material, including promotional and marketing materials. Receipt of information from the company can be canceled via e-mail, and/or review the information and/or correct information collected about the user by contacting the company, as described above.

10.7 Use of the site and its services constitutes user’s agreement that the company and / or third parties will monitor and computerize user’s navigation patterns and use of the site and its services, including through their localization and reading cookies, web beacons and other similar means, the purpose of which, among other things, is to help collect information about the browsing and use of Internet sites and the relevance of advertisements or content presented to user with topics of interest to him.

10.8 The Company may use third parties, including advertising companies, for the purpose of presenting advertisements on the Site and/or providing other services. It is possible that some of the advertisements and/or services will be sourced from a third party server. It is possible that these parties collect information about the user’s activities. It is also possible that these parties use information (not including personal information as described above) about a user’s online activities, among other things, to provide advertisements for goods and services that match their navigation patterns; all of the foregoing is subject to the terms of the privacy policy indicated on the sites of third parties.

10.9 The Company applies progressive systems and procedures on the site to ensure the security of information. These systems and procedures are designed to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to the site’s computers, but cannot guarantee the complete integrity of the site if a hacker/cracker decides to ignore the law and illegally enter the information contained on the site or disrupt its activities. For this reason, the company does not guarantee the complete security of the site from unauthorized access and misuse of the information contained on the site.

11. Deactivation, termination and changes

11.1 The Company has the right, at its sole discretion, to block, disable, restrict and terminate the use of the services for any reason, to a specific user or to all users, without the need to notify users knowingly. By using the site, the user waives the right to make any claims regarding dependence on the above services.

11.2 In addition, the company has the right to change the structure of the site, its appearance, the services offered on it, their scope and availability, and any other aspect from time to time – without prior notice to users. Applying the site, the user waives the right to make any claim, suit or demand against the company for the implementation of the above changes or for interruptions associated with them.

12. User Statement

12.1 Site application will be made in accordance with the instructions of this regulation and the laws to which it is subject. Damage to third parties, even those who do not intend to use the site, should be avoided. You should also follow the instructions for using the site and additional guidelines from time to time.

12.2 User undertakes to indemnify the company for any damage, loss, expense, loss of income, payment or expense, including legal and attorney fees, as a result of a violation of this regulation.

12.3 Without prejudice to the rest of the provisions of this regulation, user declares and undertakes to comply with the following (the following paragraphs are not mutually exclusive):

12.3.1 Do not pretend to be another person.

12.3.2 Do not fill the site or any part of its services with idle or repeated messages, in a form that could be detrimental to the site or its use.

12.3.3 Do not use the site to perform illegal activities.

12.3.4 Do not unlawfully infiltrate information or files on a computer, or transfer to other computers (including company computers) programs, codes or applications, including computer viruses, malware such as Trojan horses, worms, vandals”, malicious applications, etc.

12.3.5 Do not use the site to organize any activity that may cause direct or indirect harm to any third party.

12.3.6 Keep secret, not disclose or share personal passwords (including username and password); This regulation and everything arising from it is subject to the laws of the State of Israel, and this regulation will be interpreted in accordance with these laws. Any conflict or legal matter will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Tel Aviv District, State of Israel.