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Imovax Polio vaccine is an inactivated (non-live) vaccine for the prevention of polio.

Poliomyelitis is an acute infectious disease caused by RNA polioviruses (serovars I, II, III), characterized by damage to the central nervous system, lymphatic system, and gastrointestinal tract. The disease is characterized by the appearance of flaccid paralysis, mainly of the lower extremities. In the most severe cases, damage to the spinal cord leads to respiratory arrest and death. Clinically, poliomyelitis is manifested by fever, headaches and muscle pain, followed by the development of paralysis.
The vaccine is intended for the prevention of polio in children aged 3 months and older, incl. in those for whom vaccination against polio using live attenuated polio vaccine (oral polio vaccine – OPV) is contraindicated.

Storage temperature 2-8 degrees.
Prescription medicine.

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