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Microlax (Microlet) is used to treat patients suffering from constipation, including symptoms of encopresis.
Microlax can be prescribed to cleanse the colon in patients before an X-ray or endoscopic (rectoscopy) examination of the gastrointestinal tract.

This is a combination drug that has a laxative effect. The effect occurs within 5-15 minutes. The drug contains sodium citrate (a peptizer that displaces bound water contained in stool), sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (dilutes the intestinal contents) and sorbitol (increases the laxative effect by stimulating the flow of water into the intestines). Increasing the amount of water due to peptization and liquefaction helps soften stool and facilitate bowel movements.

Active ingredients: Sorbitol and sodium citrate

Quantity: 12 tubes.

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Действующее вещество

Натрия цитрат, Сорбитол и глицерин

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