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Shipping Options

Delivery by express mail EMS

Sending drugs is carried out from two to three business days from payment date. Delivery time by express mail EMS takes 10-14 working days. The shipment of drugs that do not require refrigeration is carried out by EMS express mail (except  chemotherapy, as well as expensive drugs – connect with our consultants for exact details). Shipping costs range from $55-85 depending on package weight. On EMS company website you can find the full prices and points where delivery is carried out. At your request, the parcel can be insured in accordance with EMS tariffs – every 200 US dollars – 1 dollar of insurance. In this case, you have to indicate that you want to insure the package and pay for its insurance.

Express delivery

Courier delivery of medicines to your home is possible when ordering medicines exceeds 1300 US dollars. The cost of courier medicines delivery is calculated as follows:

  • checking available flights to the capital of country where the client lives 
  • checking available flights from the client’s capital city to the client’s city of residence (if there is an airport in the client’s city of residence)
  • checking other orders to combine parcels. Thus, we try to minimize courier delivery cost.
  • payment for courier delivery.

Self-export of medicines from Israel

PLEASE NOTE: If you pick up the medicine by yourself upon arrival in Israel, you are subjected to VAT refund at the airport in the amount of up to 17%. When you buy a prescription drug, VAT refund will only be given to the person in whose name the prescription is issued. If a trusted person picks up the medicine for you, the VAT refund, unfortunately, is not available. To receive the VAT refund, you must fill out a special form at the time of purchase. If the medicine is purchased with a prescription or with a 29 gimel form, the VAT refund is made only to the person in whose name these documents are issued.

Product liability

Please note that medicinal products are registered in Israel and must comply with the laws of the State of Israel and not the buyer country. Also, sending cargos outside the State of Israel, moving goods across the customs border or importing them into another state territory, full legal responsibility for this cargos passes to the buyer. This statement includes responsibility transfer for payment of customs duties, taxes, fines, as well as full compliance with local legislation requirements regarding the import and subsequent use of purchased products.